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Ethical Management

Ethics management in KOREA PHARMA is not a negative means of controlling employees' behavior with ethical codes. This is how we respect each other's character and achieve mutual equal trust. At the same time, as a key element in strengthening our competitiveness, it is our attitude, trust, and commitment to establishing friendly relations with various stakeholders involved.

In addition, ethics management is rule of ethics that KOREA PHARMA should accept in the business environment which is expected to face. In a fair free market economy system, the business ethics of KOREA PHARMA are both polite and ethical, legal and social responsibility for stakeholders.

“KOREA PHARMA, The Icon of innovation and change, Toward a global standard and constantly evolving through constant challenges.”

With this pride, we hope to become a global pharmaceutical company with global standards in all fields through ethical and righteousness management.

02.Oct, 2014


To all of our employees in KOREA PHAR CO.,LTD.

We have been contributing to the improvement of human health and quality of life by providing excellent medicines and health related products for the past 40 years and constantly striving for national economy and social development.

In the global competition era, "Global Standard", which focuses on fairness and transparency, is becoming an essential element in our management principles. We,KOREA PHARMA CO.,LTD also fulfills our mission with creative challenge spirit, we must put our best efforts into social responsibility.

In order to create an honest and transparent corporate culture, all employees must observe all laws and social norms, respect fair market economy order according to free competition principles, and establish common relationships to cooperate and seek common prosperity.

In particular, fair trade has become an important factor in determining not only legal problems, but also the survival of a company. It is important to recognize that benefits from unfair business practices may be helpful to the company in the short term, but in the long run, it will detract from the competitiveness of the company.

It is important to remember that in the event of a violation of the Fair Trade Act, there will be great penalties, civil and criminal penalties as well as a significant loss of the company's image in society. All employees should participate in ethical management so that a fairer and more transparent corporate culture can be settled.

Fair trade is a prerequisite for Korea Pharma to take a step forward. I would like to ask our employees for their commitment and fulfillment.

02.October, 2014

Compliance Officer of KOREA PHARMA CO.,LTD,