Korea Pharma

Corporate Philosophy

KOREA PHARMA will contribute to society as a human healthcare industry and become the center of medical hub.

Strengthening industry-university cooperation system
Korea Pharma has collaborated with Yeongnam National University, Chungbuk National University and Gyeongsang National University to collaborate on material research and cultivation technology to develop new drugs of natural substances targeting diseases that are difficult to cure. We are also in the process of making this product stable.
Building biomedical clusters through community agreements.
Korea Pharma is constructing a biomedical cluster by utilizing local talents centering on the R & D center in the non-metropolitan area, supported by the agreement with Daegu Metropolitan City, which is dreaming of medical city with the establishment of advanced medical complex.
"The realization of society of living together through “recruitment of permanent position."
Korea Pharma is contributing to the revitalization of the national economy by improving the structure of the labor market and creating active youth employment in line with the principle of full-time employment for all employees.
We are also sharing our corporate philosophy of contributing to society by creating a corporate culture of horizontal structure rather than vertical structure, and by creating ethical and social talents through creative and responsible people.
Practicing corporate social responsibility through drug support project and Sponsoring scholarship
We are also pursuing a scholarship program for Choi Jae-young and a scholarship fund for Yeungnam University, as well as drug support programs through various relief organizations.
We are trying to fulfill our corporate social responsibility through ongoing support projects.
Introduction of the Fair Trade Compliance Program.
For the sake of transparent and ethical management, Korea Pharma introduces and operates Fair Trade Compliance Program and pursues .
"Small Food and Drug Administration" is a commitment.
A strong sense of duty called by "Small Food and Drug Administration" Korea Pharma is manufacturing pharmaceutical products with excellent facilities and thorough quality control in order to make a healthy society and a happy future.