Korea Pharma


We’re looking for talented people to work with KOREA PHARMA!

  • 1.

    An applicant who has a sense of ownership.

    A talented person who has a strong sense of responsibility for his work and self-responsibility and constantly strives for the enterprise value of the future.

  • 2.

    An active applicant for everything.

    A talented People who are active in all fields and have a vision in their field

  • 3.

    An applicant who always works with joy.

    A talented person who loves his work, wants to develop further and has a passion to be the best in the field.

Type of talent

We’re looking for talented people to work with KOREA PHARMA.


The criteria for the talented people KOREA PHARMA pursue is not simply a person with a good brain, a good knowledge and a person with a strong personality.

Rather, KOREA PHARMA want people who have a sense of responsibility, a sense of ownership, a sense of co-consciousness, a positive attitude and a positive attitude.

KOREA PHARMA seeks to be a talented person who constantly strives to be proactive in environmental change with a sense of ownership, not a person who resides in the present and we pursue talent with passion and attitude that faithfully fulfills our role in achieving organizational and individual goals.

We also need talented people who always have a positive mindset and have good morals and humanity that lead to a pleasant work environment and friendly atmosphere.

With this kind of pursuit of human resources that KOREA PHARMA has, we will grow into a human-centric company.

Education systems

  • Basic education

    Company understanding education : Company understanding education, regulation of employment

    word processing skill education : orthography, word processing

  • Executive education

    The executive education aims to improve the qualities and abilities of executives above the manager.

    The executive education courses include "middle manager course", "management planning ability", "foreign language ability" education.

Recruitment guide

  • Working hours

    Weekdays : 9:00 am to 5:30 pm (Monday to Friday)

    Closed : Weekends & Holidays

  • TEL

    02-558-1277 (Human Resources Department : extension number 4)


  • STEP 02 Confirmation of human
    resources manager&
    the relevant departments

  • STEP 03 Handle inquiry

  • STEP 04 Inform customer of handled inquir

  • STEP 05 Complete consultation