Korea Pharma

Site overview

With over 40 years of know-how, KGMP facilities and central research institutes, we conduct quality control of main formulations of consigned production, import and domestic production.


Quality test

  • Quality test of imported medicines and domestic production medicines.

  • Comparative dissolution test

  • Other quality control related tests

  • Key Performance

Key Performance : In the process of working with Pfizer Korea Ltd, Mundipharma Korea Ltd, FMC korea CO.,LTD.

Main dosage form consignment production

  • Oral solids

    • Tablets, Hard Capsules
  • Topical liquids

    • Lotions, Solution , Povidone lodine Solution (Betadine)
  • Ointment

    • Ointment, Creams
  • Key Performance

    • GSK 코리아,한미약품, 동화약품, 보령제약 등과 진행중